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Chandoli Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Location: Kolhapur
  • Area: 122.61 sq. km
  • Uniqueness: Warana River originates in this protected area and flows west to east dividing the protected area in tow halves southern and Northern. A big earthen dam is constructed during 1985 on this river at Chandoli village, which is the eastern boundary of protected area. the area of protected area is undulating with steep escarpments along western boundary . A most distinct features of sanctuary is the presence of numerous barren rocky and lateritic plateaus, called "Saddas" with less perennial vegetation and have over hanging clips on the edges and numerous fallen boulders with dense thorny vegetation and a small caves.
  • Flora: Most of the area is dense semi evergreen forest with wide range of flora.The most common species are Memocylon umbellatum (Anjani), Syzigium cumini (Jambhul) and Actinodaphone angustitolia (Pisa) Kokam, Amla, Umbar, Mangoes, Hirda etc.. The revenue waste land and Malki land in protected area have scattered bushy tree growth. Karvi growth is seen allover sanctuary. Giant climbers such as Garambi, Bauhinia vahlii and are the characteristic of Rundhiv forest. Bamboo species like Kalak and chiva are mainly grown along the banks of stream, cane is mainly found in the Shidheshwar, Rundhiv areas near Prichtgad. Ferns are more abundantly seen in Western part of protected area. Few insectivorous plants Drosera Spp. Ultricularia Spp.etc. are also recorded.
  • Fauna: Sanctuary area shelters tigers , Indian bison or gaur, Sambar, panther, sloth bear, barking deer and Giant Indian squirrel etc.. The nests of Giant Indian squirrel or confined to virgin forest of Rundiv and Shiddheshwari villages. Ramnadi Pani and "Saddas" on either side of river provide good breeding ground to guars and other herbivorous animals.Since 1994, it is observed that faunal population is increasing. Lark malabar, kingfisher, paradise fly cather, hornbill, short toed eagle, brahminy kite etc., birds are seen in this sanctuary
  • Accessibility: Nearest Airport: Kolhapur (80kms.), By Rail: Kolhapur (80kms.) is the nearest railway station. By Road: Karad (45kms) and Islampur (55kms.) on Pune-Banglore highway.
  • Accommodation: Irrigation Rest House - 4, including 1 VIP suite and dormitory for 16 persons. - Ex. Engineer, Irrigation Department at Mandur, Kolhapur.
  • Season: August to February. June to September witness heavy rainfall (over 3500 mm.).
  • Contact: Deputy Conservator of Forests, Wildlife, Bindu chowk, Ganji Galli, Kolhapur. 416 002
  • Special Notes: N/A
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